Employee Engagement ~ “Co-creating” the Future Vision of the Company.

Kraft Foods – After launching the  Kraft Interactive Kitchen, Kraft’s initial Web offering and first initiative that helped to integrate the General Foods brands under one unified brand, the Company needed to renew its mission for the 21st century. It also needed a new identity that would engage and motivate all employees worldwide. We developed a sophisticated social media strategy, starting by inviting 7,000 of Kraft’s top management to the online community, with the task ofco-creating” the future vision of the company.

The community was a microcosm of the organization as a whole – reflecting gender, location and age. It resulted in a “co-created” mission, vision and values signed off in under four months, and insured buy-in across the organization, generating thousands of ambassadors with a vested interest in promoting and realizing the new Company vision. It de-risked change by providing a mission that emerged from within the organization.

The crowd-sourced social media community offered insight into how to achieve change at the grass roots, and informed Kraft’s implementation strategy. http://www.kraftrecipes.com/home.aspx



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