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We bring employee engagement and internal communications programs to life through:



Internal Brand Research  – employee culture and communications assessments

Our internal brand research discovers the right solutions and leverages the results to move businesses forward. We provide important insights based on the existing employee culture, and provide employee engagement that impacts organizational change. Our research offers a solid understanding of business problems, from making business change such as mergers and acquisitions more successful and finding ways to understand the employee culture and make operations more effective. We create actionable internal brand research that links employees’ attitudes to business metrics, whether financial, operational or cultural – research that helps your business realize its full potential.

Internal Brand Development – differentiation, credibility, business relevance

How your culture is positioned – and how your internal brand is perceived among employees, to management and externally – drives your success in the marketplace. The more inspiring the idea, the more profound the commitment to that idea and the brand associated with it. The more employees believe in the brand, the more value the brand returns to its customers and owner. We drive commitment to a brand by employees and demand for a brand by customers. We help start up new brands or breathe new life into classic brands. We spend time identifying, building and expressing the right idea for a brand. Everything we do is built around the right creative messaging – whether for a product, a company or a corporate initiative.

Channel Assessment – messaging, frequency, reach, channelization

Employee Behavioral Change – personal values, transformation, aspirational branding

We provide an employee culture assessment tool and employee performance booster program based on employee culture, personal values, channels, timing and business metrics.

Informal Communications – face-to-face, supervisor, team meeting assessment

Campaigns – Internal communications and management communications plans and programs

Digital Media Communications – intranet, internal social media, social intranets, social project management, enterprise social networks, crowdsourcing, content development

Editorial – speech writing, digital media content, brochures, training manuals, orientation and retention

Business Events – motivational, management and town-hall meetings

We start our business event planning by asking what will be different on Monday morning that will move an organization forward after the words and music become a memory. We believe business events are about impact, emotion, story development and face-to-face contact. Whether it’s formulating business strategy, motivating an employee workforce, strengthening customer relationships, launching a new product to a sales force or bringing brands to life, our experience provides business events that have impact and achieve business goals. We use a full array of motivational tools to bring a message to life in a way that moves hearts and minds.

Training (coaching and presentation training across all levels)

Visual Communications (design and production – video, intranet design, infographics and print)

Corporate Communications

Our team helps build, manage and protect the reputations of clients through a full range of financial and business communications services for both public and private corporations. We help communicate the results of business decisions to targeted audiences that participate in or influence the purchase of the equity or debt of our client companies.

Media Relations – strategy, message mapping, media training

When executed effectively, media relations has the power to create and change perceptions of major organizations through third-party endorsement. This power can be harnessed by consistently providing smart, on-target counsel, positioning and hands-on story pitching on behalf of our clients to obtain intended coverage. Our media team consists of former top-level journalists and PR practitioners who know how to craft and present a good story relevant to the intended media outlet. Our media outreach process is grounded in understanding the media’s needs and perspective, assessing the audience’s interests and information needs, and framing the client’s message within these contexts.

Advertising – strategic planning, creative, media buying

As a critical element of the total brand experience, advertising allows us to creatively place key messages in a controlled medium, reaching the right audience at the right time and in the right place. We create advertising with the power to break through the clutter – ads that help build brands worldwide. We are experienced in planning and buying the appropriate combination of media (print, broadcast or online) to meet our clients’ local, regional and national objectives. We bring a keen understanding of how new communications channels, technology and ideas come together to impact audiences in a world where the consumer has greater control of media and information than ever before.


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