What We Do

 Enhancing Performance through Employee Engagement

Enhance Business Performance We support business objectives by fostering employee 
engagement. We create clear, consistent and effective internal communications strategies and programs that enhance High employee performance.

Build Relationships – We help people understand their relationships with other employees and the organization inBusinessman Working on Laptop context of the organization’s employee culture, maximize the strengths and passions of individual employees and apply them to advancing the business. We find common ground among diverse employee groups, build respect and understanding for any differences and align employees to an organization’s strategic direction.

 Create Value from the Inside By thoroughly understanding the employee culture through internal brand research, we help managers operate on a more intuitive basis; leaders demonstrate their commitment to a better way of doing things through actions and words, ultimately creating value from the inside out.

 How We Do It – We conduct organization-specific internal brand research to define the business needs, issues and employee mindset; provide a strategic internal communications (or employee communications) program that addresses the issues and priorities; translate the internal brand research into communications that employees can readily understand, appreciate, identify with, use and ultimately act upon, implement the internal communications program to the level required; assess its business impact; and refine the program.

 Power Tools – We utilize several proven tools such as our Employee Engagement Framework™ that provides context and process to positively affect employee behavioral change at all levels of an organization – from business mission awareness to total engagement and commitment. Other tools include our Employee Culture Barometer, Channel Assessment Grid, our Business Impact Assessment Model, our Message and Design Review Process, our Communications Urgency versus Frequency Evaluator, our Employee Performance Booster, and our Internal Communications Program Builder. Together, these tools provide a strategic context combined with tactical deliverables that addresses issues, priorities and timings – ultimately laying the foundation for long-term sustainability through effective Employee engagement.


Enhancing Performance through Employee Engagement – Is what We Do.   carlaannecommunications.com

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